Who is Dave Goadby?

I’m a keen kayaker based in the Northwest of England. Having recently graduated from Manchester Uni I now live in Lancaster working as an Engineer.


4 Responses to “Who is Dave Goadby?”

  1. porl Says:

    loving the blog! You’re crap at spelling my name – Hughes!!!

    Where did you get the kayaking is not a crime badge by the way? Didn’t mr fairweather make it? I’d like to pilfer it and add it onto my site…….

  2. Chris Goadby Says:

    Nice to see there are a few of us about even if the website for the family tree seems a little moribund.

    Best of luck on your kayaking, looks terrifying to me but then I am a wee bit older !!

    Kind Regards

  3. Bruce Smith Says:

    My Goadby web site has an abundance of Goadby’s in it.


  4. callum craig goadby Says:

    Hello Bruce A Smith im callum goadby and that you made are goadby family tree in 2006 for Kenneth Albert goadby that was my granddad i would love to find out more and id love to stay in contact with you ive fount out abit my self and family.

    thanks, Callum Goadby

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