After leaving Koh Samui we got back on the train, via Bangkok and up into Laos. Here we got our first sight of the Mekong in the capital city Vientiane.

On the banks of the Mekong

Laos is a very beautiful country, the views of the jungle are spectacular along with brightly coloured temples and the people so very friendly.

Looking down on Luang Prabang

We moved north from Vientiane up to Vang Vieng. Here we hired a bike and got out to explore the surroundings. The area is full of caves, which made for some good underground exploring.

Impressive stalactites in one of the caves

We then moved further North up to Luang Prabang, the former capital. It had a very French feeling to it, both the architecture and the availability of baguettes and croissants! It rained a lot whilst we were here so we enrolled on a cooking course, which included a tour of the market and full day in the kitchen learning how to make some delicious Lao food.

Rustling up lunch

Luang Prabang has over 1000 Buddhist monks, so they make up a substantial part of the towns population. I had a great hour long chat with one of the younger ones. It was really interesting and he was keen to learn as much as possible about the western world.


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