We flew into Bangkok last week and spent a few days seeing the sights and getting back into the atmosphere of an Asian capital city. It was great, we visited a few temples, ate some street food, haggled with a  few tuk tuk drivers and generally enjoyed ourselves.

The view from the ‘Golden Mount’ temple

With it being the wet season, we invariably got rained on every now and again but were still able to get out and about.

Wat Arun, one of the larger more interesting temples

Just as we got settled in it was time to leave, we got on a sleeper train down south and a ferry out to the island of Koh Samui.

On the beach

We spent four days on the island, lounging around in the sunshine and learning how to scuba dive. It was amazing to see so many fish and colourful coral all in the same place.

Anemone, fish & divers

Under the sea

We completed 4 dives and both passed our PADI Open Water certificate.


One Response to “Thailand”

  1. mercadee Says:

    Thailand promotes itself as amazing, Vietnam can well be described as bustling, Cambodia ‘s Khmer temples are awe-inspiring, Myanmar ‘s junta is barbaric… but the adjective most often applied to Laos is forgotten. Although there are a few grand (but relatively unheard of) attractions, those visitors who are drawn by the laid-back lifestyle and the opportunity to knock back a few cold Beerlao while watching the sunsets on the Mekong will simply explain the attraction by revealing that the true meaning of “Lao PDR” is Lao – People Democratic Republic.

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