Pastries for breakfast – Cheese for dinner

I’ve just come back from a week in L’Argentiere, reliving my student days exploring the Hautes Alps province of France and boating in the sunshine. This was my fourth trip to the area and I was still surprised by how much fun I had.

Part of the team on the banks of the Upper Ubaye

The Durance valley didnt have as much water in it as when I have been previously, but this was no bad thing as it forced us to explore some of the other offerings in the area. In my week I managed quite a few personal firsts, with the Fresquire section of the Ubaye and the Grand Canyon of the Verdon being the most memorable. Beth’s headcam footage of the Fresquire can be seen here.

Tom in the Styx, Verdon

It took us 7 hours to paddle the Verdon, with a 4 hour drive either side it was a full day, but most definitely worth the effort. With towering cliffs on either side and rapids that run through caves and underground its like nothing else I’ve ever paddled.

Beth about to drop into the first cave, Verdon

Later in the week there was a bit of rain and we headed to the Guil valley and had fun on the two upper sections and the classic middle.

Katie on the middle Guil’s staircase

Before I knew it, it was time to drive home. 2769 miles is a lot of driving for a weeks holiday, but I’d do it again any time.


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