Not another dry weekend…..

This weekend former Manchester Uni canoe club members met up for a weekend of boating and catching up in the Lake District, and as has become the norm on these type of events there was no water anywhere. We managed to keep ourselves busy and I’m glad to say my boat stayed on the roof of the car all weekend. Friday afternoon saw a walk up Torver beck, where we found a few caves and some interesting rapids with must make moves to avoid the 15m drop into the quarry!

Maddy in one of the quarries, with the Torver Beck fall in the background

Saturday we headed over to Grizedale for a bike ride, unfortunately the West half of the forest was closed due to the Malcom Wilson Rally but we managed to entertain ourselves for a couple of hours in the East.

Chris Lyon

Heading back to the car we went to see if we could get a glimpse of any of the rally cars, we were able to stroll up and stand right at the side of the track watching the cars fly past at about 80mph. It really was quite an experience.

Sunday saw us ghyll scrambling in Church Beck. Its a beautiful little gorge and being able to slide/jump/swim/abseil down it really gave you the opportunity to appreciate it.

Naomi mid abseil

Its only a kilometre long, but we spent most of the day playing our way down to Coniston.

Maddy on the slide

All in all a great weekend. Its nice to be reminded that its doesn’t have to be raining to have fun in the Lake District 🙂


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