Two Classics & Two New Runs:- Another Wet One in the North West

I’ve spent another weekend in my boat. Saturday morning we drove up the Duddon valley and had a great time on the upper section. Its a long time since I’ve paddled the Duddon and we were slightly concerned the level may be a bit high, but it was perfect – kept us on our toes and Wallowbarrow gorge certainly provided that buzzing feeling we all crave.

Beth on the final drop in Wallowbarrow gorge

With the Duddon taking a bit longer than we expected it was getting late in the day by the time we were ready to find something else to paddle. A quick peruse of the guidebook and we saw that Torver beck wasnt far away and at 1km of grade 4 it sounded just the ticket. It was a new run for all of us and good fun, about 4 drops with a few rapids inbetween before you end up in Coniston Water.

Sunday I had a bit of a lie in, but managged to paddle the Wenning for the first time and then a blast down the classic Ingleton Greta at a pretty high level.

Danny Riley on the Wenning wave

Annother great weekend, made even better by still having dry feet at the end of the day – thanks to the new drysuit 🙂


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