Its melting…Fun on the upper Swale

With a brief respite in the freezing temperatures the rivers in the North East looked as though may have some water in. We made the journey across the Pennines, but with 1 metre snow drifts at the side of the road I wasn’t very optimistic. However when we arrived at Wain Wath Force we were pleased to see a nice level on the Swale.

Wain Wath Force (Photo Maddy Boddy)

The water was absolutely freezing, with ice stalactites hanging from the cliffs and broken bits of sheet ice 30mm thick in the eddies!

Beth on Rainby Force (Photo Maddy Boddy)

Me on the lip of Rainby Force (Photo Maddy Boddy)

We did take a camera on the river with us, so had lots of nice photos of the rapids on the way down, however trying to get the camera down to Beth on the river after running upper Kisdon Force resulted in the open Peli Box falling in and the camera disappearing beneath the water. 😦

As the light was fading we made a mad dash down to Richmond to run Richmond Falls

Richmond Falls, you can just about make out the two paddlers (Photo Maddy Boddy)


One Response to “Its melting…Fun on the upper Swale”

  1. Doreen Murgatroyd Says:

    Sorry about your camera.

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