Over the past few weekends I’ve been busy attending kayaking gatherings. First of all was the Wet West Paddle Fest in Fort William, then the Etive River Race and finally the Pyranah Fest in Bala.

Chris Lyon on the top drop of the upper Morriston

The first weekend saw us paddling the Etive, Garry and Morriston, before returning down the M6 for a week of work. 5 days later we were back up to Scotland for the race on the Etive. The river was low, so no new records were going to be set.

Tim Burne on the first of tripple step in the individual race

Chris and I entered as team MOG (Manchester Old Gits) and came middle of the field in 7th. Sunday after the race a few of us walked up the Allt A’ Chaorainn for some low water fun in spectacular scenery.

Allt A’ Chaorainn

Pyranha Fest was held on the Tryweryn. Loads of people were there to demo boats and enter in the various competitions, however we paddled from the top to the bottom and managed to miss most of the river based activities! Still had a good time though. Camping besides lake Bala provided both a stunning sunset and an eery morning mist.

Sun set at the side of Bala lake


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