On the way back to Tokyo we paddled two short sections of grade 2/3 on the Tamagawa and Arakawa before arriving in the bright and crowded city at around 7pm.

Tokyo street scene

First thing in the morning we headed up to the top of the Mori tower in the Roppongi Hills district of Tokyo. The top two floors contain an art museum with a couple of crazy installations, but the main draw was the viewing platform on the roof. From here we had impressive 360 degree views of the city.

View from the top of the Mori tower, looking past the Tokyo tower and out over Tokyo Bay

On the technology front the activities included visiting the Sony building to play with the latest gadgets on offer and wandering around the enormous electric city in Akihabara.

Paul playing with a HD video camera at the Sony centre

Our final evening in Japan saw us wandering around the bright lights before enjoying a beer and some more sushi.

Maddy and I amongst Tokyo’s bright lights (Photo Paul Smith)

We got up very early the next day (4am) to visit the fish market and see some of the impressively large tuna butchered and sold. The market was huge, with every type of fish and sea creature imaginable available to buy.

Fresh tuna


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