Five of us met up in Kobarid on the banks of the Soca for eight days of Easter boating. Although the levels were a little low we still found plenty to do. Managing to paddle the Soca from Korita down to Tolmin over the week, as well as the Koritnica from the Sumik confluence.

The slalom site at Trovo (Photo Maddy Boddy)

Syphon Canyon below the slalom site really wasn’t worth the effort, with a considerable amount of portaging required. It took us most of the day to get down from the slalom site to the start of the Otona section. We left our boats at the bottom of the cliff and returned for a sunrise mission down to the cabin for breakfast.

Sunrise on the Soca (Photo Tom Woodhead)

As the week progressed the weather improved, but unfortunately the levels were quite slow at coming up. So it was nice to have blue skies and sunshine but just another 10cm in the river would have been very welcome. We did a bit of exploring and there is certainly plenty of other things to paddle in the valley. If you’ve got the time the Ucja and the Tolminska both look promising.

Rhi Walker in the Soca’s 3rd gorge (Photo Tom Woodhead)


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