Maddy and I have just returned from 10 days in Iceland, experiencing mixed weather we saw two sides to this beautiful island. Starting in Reykjavik in the South West we had sunshine and clear days:

We hired a car and drove the ‘Golden Circle’, which encompasses Pingvellir (former parliament site and meeting point of two tectonic plates), Gullfoss (a two tiered waterfall) and the valley of Haukadalur (a geothermal area containing Geysir and Strokkur).

We then continued to drive 2400Km around Iceland’s coastal road, continually stopping to savour the country’s natural beauty, not forgetting to appreciate the warm water of the Blue Lagoon, heated by the outflow of one of Iceland’s many geothermal power stations.

Continuing along the South coast we saw inumerable waterfalls of varying volumes falling off the cliffs and out to sea interspersed by glaciers and lava fields.

As we continued around the East to the North we saw more and more snow and at times could see nothing of the road other than the snow poles poking out on either side!

Once in the West the weather again cleared up to reveal more of the stunning scenery we had left in the East for our return journey to Reykjavik.

Click here to see more of my Iceland photos


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