Fort William – Finally a wet week in Scotland

I spent last week up in Fort William, visiting friends, boating, walking and watching films in the outdoors capital of the UK.

It made a nice change from my usual Scottish pilgrimage; there was some water in the rivers! This meant that I got to paddle some of the classics that have often evaded me like the Nevis, Upper Spean and the Coe as well as some other fun runs like the Kiachnish and Arkaig.

Laggan Dam releasing 5 pipes into the Upper Spean
(Photo by Rob Brackley)

Not forgetting the inevitable Banzer Burn, a rocky ditch in the middle of nowhere that Banzer thinks would be a good idea, this time was the upper Abhainn Righ, above Inchree Falls. A possible first decent for the three of us.

Myself on the first of the falls
(Photo by Rob Brackley)

Rob on the second fall
(Photo by Banzer)

We had fun on the Falls of Lora, although not forming properly and my play boating skills leaving a lot to be desired I did catch the odd wave in my Burn.

Me not surfing
(Photo by Tori)

Besides the boating we went on a beautiful walk up some of the hills behind Loch Arkaig, at times knee deep in snow in the sunshine and spent an evening at the best of Banff at the Fort William Mountain Film Festival seeing what people around the world are getting upto in their chosen sports.

All in all a great week 🙂


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