Turning to the dark side…and enjoying it!

Porl has bought an open boat.. he hasn’t bought any airbags.

With last Saturdays rain and the sunshine on Sunday it would have been rude not to get out boating, we paddled the Lowther near Penrith, a guidebook grade 3 and had a really nice day.

Neither of us had ever paddled an open boat on moving water before but had been on the quays a few times, so the river provided a steep learning curve.

What I enjoyed the most was the fear and adrenaline, it was only grade 3, and if I’m honest tame grade 3 but being in an open boat I could just about control and the thought that if I capsized the boat wouldn’t be easy to rescue makes those little waves look like Himalayan monsters!

Porl at the helm


One Response to “Turning to the dark side…and enjoying it!”

  1. porl Says:

    Loved the first line intro – makes me sound both stupid and reckless at the same time! Still working on some bouyancy……

    Send us the photos or stick em on facebook or something matey.

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