The Zanskar, what a way to end an awesome trip!

The Tsarap-Zanskar is perhaps one of the most spoken about kayaking trips in India and the Zanskar valley itself renowned for its magnificence with trekkers and tourists.

From Kargil we had two options, drive the 200km back to Leh, chill there for a couple of days and go home, or drive the 200km to Padum, get on the Zanskar and paddle back to Leh. Obviously we went for the second option.

We didn’t get to paddle the Tsarap,  which is above Padum and contains most of the harder whitewater, but we did get to experience the grandeur of the Zanskar gorge.


We camped on a beach in the middle of the gorge, but had a rude awakening at 2am when we discovered the river had come up a good few feet and we were in danger of getting wet!

At the end of our second day on the river we reached the Indus confluence and took out just down stream at Nemo.


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