The Phulangma and the Suru Rivers

Arriving in Kargil we decided to have a look at the Suru, the main river through the town and one of its tribuataries the Phulangma. We based ourselves at Sanko, about 40km upstream of Kargil where the two rivers meet. Our jeep took us up to Kundi, although the road carried on it was getting late in the day, so we put on there.

(Photo Tim Burne)

The whole valley was full of friendly locals who seemed pretty amazed by what we were doing. I really enjoyed this river, it contained what was probably the hardest rapid Ive paddled in India, which went well, but unfortunately moments later, adrenaline still pumping, I found my self in quite a large hole.

Ralph Evins on the Phulangma.

I escaped in my boat, but pulled my shoulder and decided to walk out from there. It was 5km back to Sanko, which was hard work with one arm, but the friendly locals came through and I was assisted by a whole host of randoms on my journey, including a school teacher, a truck driver and the local youth club.

The next day the other guys paddled the Suru back to Kargil, I decided it was best if I gave my shoulder a rest day. I spent a few hours at the local police station waiting for the bus, which they stopped for me, all in all really nice guys who are keen to promote tourism in the area.


3 Responses to “The Phulangma and the Suru Rivers”

  1. Slime Says:

    Hi Dave,

    This is the same river that Shalabh, Mark Nichols and myself ran 3 years ago – but in lower water levels. Maps and locals seem undecided as to what its name is! Brought back some good memories and like you say, locals are very friendly and there is potential for a few creek runs in the Suru valley if you dont mind carrying your boat in.

    Good paddling,


  2. Ralph Says:

    The guys in Splash (who got the 1st decent with Slime) told us that the trib is called the Barsu not the Phulangma.

  3. Adrian Tregoning Says:

    Looking forward to more photos.

    Hope the shoulder is ok… Take it easy, REST!

    Adrian 🙂

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