Heading North

After inspecting the start of the Spiti gorge below Sundo and hoping to paddle to Chango the army insisted we needed permits, which we didn’t have, so it was time to head to Keylong and the Chandra.

One of the many monuments covered in prayer flags along the pass.

We arrived in Keylong late afternoon, giving us chance to have a quick look at the Bahga, which looked really good, but unfortunately we didn’t get around to paddling it. We put on the Chandra at Koksar and paddled down to Tandi. I must say it was one of the most terrifying sections I have ever done, the water level was surging by 3ft at a time, meaning the features were continuously changing!

(Photo Tim Burne)

Our frantic schedule meant we had to carry on our journey that night, getting a jeep upto Leh and putting on the Indus at Nemu. Paddling the Indus had many plus points: First of all its an amazing section of big volume water, secondly we got to meet Shilabh of Splash Adventure Tours; who has been very helpful with the logistics of this trip and thirdly there was a bridge down on the road to Kargil, meaning we could beat the road block by paddling past it.


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