Exploring the Spiti Valley

Leaving Manali we headed over to the Spiti valley. Initially basing ourselves at Kaza we were able to explore the upper sections of the Spiti and some of its tribs. Initially the group split, with Ralph and myself choosing to paddle the upper Spiti, whilst the others attempted a walk in on the Gundi. I feel I made the right decision, getting in at the bridge 20km downstream of Lossar we found some of the most dramatic grade 2/3 I have ever paddled.

That evening we hired a jeep and went to investigate the Lingti valley. The Lingti is a tributary to the Spiti and comes in about 20km below Kaza. Except for the final 500m gorge the river looked good to go, mainly grade 3, with a couple more bits of interest. A local monk told of a big fall upstream which may be of interest to us.

The next morning we traveled back to Lalung and 5 of us decided to walk a further 3 or 4km upstream. We were pleased to find pretty much continuous read and run grade 4 below a nasty rapid, which we can only assume was the monks fall.

The treacherous walk-in.

Adam Holland on the Lingti above Lalung.

Our jeeps collected us from the bottom of the Lingti and took us up the Pin valley, another, but rather larger Spiti tributary. We set up camp in a farmers field along the ‘North Fork’ after the river split and in the morning enjoyed a great paddle into the Spiti, intending to get out in Tabo, but realizing at dusk we had overshot by about 8km.

The Spiti, aproaching Tabo.


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