A busy week in India

After having an amazing time on the Yamuna we headed for the Tons, a river we knew little about.

We arrived in the valley in the dark and pitched camp next to a hole we were sure was the size of a house, come morning, it was still huge, but more like a medium sized hatchback.

After an awkward first 2 kilometers, walking as much as we paddled the river calmed down and we enjoyed paddling for a few hours before setting camp and building a nice fire.

In the morning the river had risen a couple of feet and there was a thick layer of mist hanging over the river.


We carried on for annother few kilometers until an ominous looking gorgey bit, whilst inspecting the rapid, the army showed up and informed us we needed permission for this section of river. As we didnt have this permision he told us it would be in both of our interests if we left by the road, which we did.

Since then wee taken a hideously long bus journey up to Manali. Paddled the Manalus ( a Beas trib), the scariest thing Ive done in a long while and had a quick blast on the Beas, which resulted in the first swim of the trip for Adam and Tims boat sliding into the river.


One Response to “A busy week in India”

  1. Jens Says:

    Looks like you’re having a brilliant time G! Those river photos look fantastic – pretty eery fog! Put some more photos up when you get a chance, and stay safe. XX

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