Holiday Change-Over

Maddy has just taken an early morning flight back up to Leh.

We spent 4 days there, walking around the town, exploring the local temples, climbing up to the Gompas and generally having a relaxing time. We travelled to Hemis for the annual celebrations of the unveiling of a painting in a Buddhist Monastery.

From Leh we took a minibus over the worlds highest mountain pass to Manali, with just one break down and one puncture I think we escaped lightly.

We only spent a few days in Manali, staying in the new city and making day trips to Old Manali and Vishist, sampling the (extremely) hot spring baths.

Then followed a hellish journey, amounting to 30 hours on buses and trains to get to Ramnagar, the gate to the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Unfortunately we didn’t see any tigers, but did get to ride an elephant and see wild deer, monkeys, peacocks and some fresh tiger prints in the mud.

Then back to Delhi for a hectic day before a visit to the Taj. This was enjoyable, I’m really glad I went, but felt somehow strange. As everywhere else I have had no idea what to expect, but Ive seen hundreds of Taj photos.

Later today I meet the guys at the airport who’ve flown in from London with their boats and the second part of my holiday begins….


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