So, where did we end up?

I’m back from the alps after having a great few days. Driving down to Dover we still weren’t sure where we were actually going to go, but by the time the ferry arrived in Dunkerque we had decided that Val Sesia in Italy was the place to go. It was a long drive and we finally arrived at the campsite in the dark and rain. The rivers were up and we had a great time paddling some of the classics; Sorba, Sesia and Mastallone to name a few.

Sorba Slide #3

After a fantastic few days in Italy and a comedy meal out where we spoke no Italian and our waitress no English we headed for L’Argentiere in the French Alps and news that the kayaking ban had been lifted.

We had a nice relaxing first day on the Durance sunshine run and settled into drinking Panache through the day. We got several rivers in during our stay including the Gyr, Middle Claree, Romanche, Fournel and Guisaine.


Just before we left was the Student boatercross, which I entered and finished mid field in the advanced category, Tom Woodhead did very well, and after a disqualification was announced the victor in the old boys category.

All in all a great trip. I got a bit of a sun tan, met up with some familiar faces, feel happy in my new boat and its less than two weeks until I go to India!


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