Let the boating begin….

I’m off to the alps tomorrow for 10 days boating in the sunshine, well that’s the plan anyway. Currently the weather situation around Briancon in the French alps isn’t that desirable; heavy rain has turned the usual blue water into a thick brown torrent and after a death last week the local police have banned kayaking in the region.

We have the ferries booked but other than that are pretty flexible, so who knows where we’ll end up, but hopefully we’ll find something to paddle whether it be French, Italian, Swiss, Austrian or German.

We’re taking some climbing stuff with us to, I hope to have another bash at Via Ferrata whilst we’re out there and hopefully try and remember not to look down.

I was last in the alps in 2006:

Tom on the Fournel

Dont look down!


One Response to “Let the boating begin….”

  1. brthomas Says:

    Have fun in the Alps and be sure to bring back some good pictures for those of us who cannot be there with you.

    Your blog is now listed in my Whitewater River Directory – Kayaking Blogs.

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