Bye Bye Mamba, Hello Burn

Ive had my Mamba since January 2007 and its served me well. Its seen an Alps trip, a Norway trip, several Scotland trips and many many English and Welsh trips and not once have I felt held back or limited  by the boat, but its time for change.

A couple of my favourite photos of me in the Mamba:
Chataux Q 2006

Aurland Selve 2007

Que the Burn. This summer I’m off to India for my first experience of multiday boating, so need something with a little more space for all my luxuries. Ive heard good things about the Burn and I enjoyed paddling one on Swallow falls the other week.

Mine arrived this morning, all wrapped up:

And is now sitting on the sofa waiting for me to sort out the outfitting:


I’m now hoping for some rain this weekend……


One Response to “Bye Bye Mamba, Hello Burn”

  1. Theo Says:

    The pyranha are good boats, we’ve got one, but one of our sponsors are fluid kayaks. They also make fluid solo, and expidition solos. It’s got a hole in the back with a mini-me splashdeck with a lid on top. Check out my blog under catogory’s kayaking.

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