BUSA Slalom 2008

Two weeks of exams and continuous rain came to an end on Friday, having to do revision with the rain pouring down outside, knowing the rivers are full and getting higher is not easy.  I had one relapse, a quick blast down the Etherow (alongside Woodhead pass) one wet afternoon, really enjoyed it, although unbelievably it could of done with a couple more inches of water.

This weekend was BUSA Slalom, held at the Tees Barrage in the North East of England. I competed in the Mens K1 and the Mens K1 Team events, which both went reasonably well. As a club we came 5th overall, which we are all pleased with and hope the AU will be to.

Whilst not competing I spent my time taking photos and enjoying the odd cup of tea.


Dave Fairweather and Joe Thurgate finishing an impressive 4th in the C2 


Rhi Walker in the Womens K1


Andy Williams competing in the C1 

When not at the barrage we had a few drinks and watched the entertainment…Potato conkers and the premiere recital of a poem for the Welsh river access campaign.


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