Frozen Scotland

I went to Scotland last Easter and it was dry, the rivers were all low, but we managed to scrape down a few things. I went to Scotland last week and it was even lower! We made it down the Spean Gorge (just, it was low enough for the syphon on headbanger to be clearly visible), but combined with the lack of water it was freezing cold, this made for beautiful scenery but was not the time to be getting wet.


We drove up towards Inverness to have a look at the Meig, a tight little gorge below a dam. It really was beautiful, but again didn’t have enough water in it to make it worthwhile, its definitely been added to my ‘to do’ list. Realising there was no boating to be had in Scotland we decided to make the most of what there was and walked up Ben Nevis. We didn’t take the tourist route on the way up, which meant we effectively had the place to ourselves, to sit and admire the stunning views as we ascended.

We stopped for lunch on the summit, before returning to Fort William on the tourist track.

 Having another bash at some boating we went for a play on the Tail Race in InverLochy. The tide wasn’t high enough to  form the wave properly and I really didn’t get on with the borrowed Jackson All Star I was paddling.

 All in all a good few days, but as Chris Feelingjustfine said “If you want a wet week in Scotland don’t bring Scuba Dave, hes cursed”.


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