Random weekends

The last couple of weekends have been a bit different from the norm. Two weeks ago I went across to North Wales in the hope there might be some water, there wasn’t. So after a couple of cups of tea at the Brenin we got on the Llugwy which was low, but enough water to float. It was nothing challenging at all but I was really enjoying just playing around at Jim’s bridge without feeling like I had to try and teach someone or look after people. So all was going well until the slot just above Cobdens when Maddy went a bit sideways and hit her face against a rock..she swam. Shes all OK now, just a swollen lip and a few little cuts but it was the end of the day on the river. Only photo of the day, a robin came to watch us take the boats off the roof at PYB.

 The weekend just gone it was raining lots, I’d agreed to do something nice and scenic with Maddy on the Sunday to help her get her confidence back after the previous weekends mishaps, but what to do on the sat? I couldn’t find anyone in Manchester wanting to boat, I ended up driving up to the lake district on Friday night to meet Imperial College canoe club. An early start in the morning on the upper Duddon, a river Ive never done before but heard lots about, with a comedy seal launch I got on below Birks bridge. Really enjoyed this river, especially Wallerbarrow gorge, could of done with slightly more water though. Followed this with a quick blast down Tarn Beck, loads of fun, just remember to think twice before following signals you don’t understand from someone on the bank you don’t know…..went backwards down the chicken shoot on the last 3m fall. Finished Tarn beck into the Duddon and headed down to the take out for the lower Duddon as it was getting dark, a great day. After an evening of chili and beers with imperial I met Maddy, Naomi and Chris who had driven up from Manchester for a trip down the lower Esk. Again this could of done with a little more water but was still good fun, one small little gorge providing most of the entertainment. Another one photo weekend, Maddy approaching a small rapid on the lower Esk.


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