Sleniford Water Mill

This weekend the uni club travelled upto Yorkshire to camp on the banks of the Ure at Sleniford water mill. I wasn’t expecting there to be much water in the river, but was rather disappointed to find that it was v low, with less than a third of the rivers rocks even being damp. We duly spent the evening enjoying a few beers on the campsite.

We started the morning off with some safety work, running through throw-lines etc.

Tellis in a bit of a mess

After having checked everyone had all their kit out of the stores on Friday night, and putting a spare set of everything in the van just in case, we found that someone had forgotten their spray-deck.

 The clubs latest snazzy dresser

Saturday night followed with a visit to the chip shop then on to the pub. I awoke Sunday morning to find it had rained a fair bit, but disappointingly the river hadn’t risen at all. We decided to get on anyway and paddled down from Mickley. Hack falls providing the only bit of interest, with Tanfield weir being so low I had to stand on the lip to push people over it!

Upon getting back to the campsite I did the shuttle and loaded the van, thinking it hadn’t been a bad weekend, their wasn’t much water, but I still enjoyed myself to hear people shouting that the rivers going up. I really couldn’t believe it, but in the space of 30 mins the river had risen at least 2 feet, we were a little puzzled. I’m confident its not dammed, but I believe the Ure has quite a long lag time and it was just the previous evenings rain finally filing the river. Unfortunately by now it was getting dark and time to drive home.


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