Arizona – The Road Trip

After spending a few days in Phoenix, living the day to day life of an American student we hired a car and went on a road trip. This wasnt as easy as it sounds, I still dont really understand why, but because Maddy didnt have a credit card they wouldnt let her hire a car, or even be put on the insurance of one I was hiring.

We set off from Tempe on Thursday morning and drove up to Flagstaff with the intention of carrying on to the Grand Canyon, but the weather wasnt looking too good, after spending a week in Scotland hoping for rain, I was in the desert and it was starting to snow!!! We changed our plans and went to a town called Prescot instead, famous for ‘Whiskey Row’, we had a couple of drinks, a very nice meal and stayed the night there. On the Friday we set off to explore Sedona and the surrounding area, the weather was a lot better and there was some beautiful scenery.

We then returned to Flagstaff for the evening. Sat morning we got up bright and early and set off for the Grand Canyon (after pancakes, maple syrup and an endless supply of coffee) and the weather was the best we had it yet (considering we were at an elevation of 7000ft). We visted the South rim of the canyon, which is very touristy, but had some amazing views and a convenient shuttle bus to take you between the view points. We decided to walk West along the rim and then get the shuttle bus back to the car, this took a couple of hours, with me continually stopping to take photos. We then drove to the East end of the National park to watch the sunset, unforunately it was a bit cloudy, but still an amazing sight.

I then had a 180 mile drive to go and stay in a Wigwam, which seemed a lot quicker than it would take at home, although a little daunting knowing you want junction 285 of the Interstate. The Wigwam was in Holbrook on Route 66,  and was quite a funny sight, with each wigwam having an old American car parked outside of it.

Finally on our drive back to Phoenix we discovered a desert oasis, the Salt river is damned at Roosevelt, and forms a large lake.


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